Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Affiliate programme

This is an overdue entry. I have been quite busy with "work" that I've been putting off this one. Today marks the first day of a new beginning of many of my colleuge as this is their day of transition to a vendor company. I wish them all the best in their new company albeit still doing the same job.

As for me, my day 1 will only start in October. Though 3 months away, I am frantically and desperately searching and researching for my work-at-home project. Again, overwhelmed wth information. Except at this point of time, I'm pretty sure of what I really want to do. But still not ready to execute because I think I'm not quite there yet.

Going over to my topic, what is affiliate programme? Easy-peasy.. it is a marketing tool whereby you promote other people's products and get commission from it if people by the product upon your promotion. There you go. How do you go about doing this? There are thousands of websites out there have affiliate programs. You basically join their affiliate programme and tadaaaa.. you are promoting their product already and if you get lucky, you'll get paid some commission. How much is the commission? Depends, it can range from 10% to as high as 60%. Digital products normally would have a higher commission as compared to physical products.

The easiest example I can give is on affiliate programme selling e-books by Mr.A. If you join Mr.A's affiliate programme you will get a 20% commission for each book sold via your promotion. If one book cost USD100, you easily get USD20 per book. So imagine if you managed to sell e-books a week, you get USD100/week. For a month you get at least USD400, easily! And that converted to RM is about RM1280. Not bad at all eh.. who would want to give you that much .. easily without much effort!!

The best part is still.. having your own products, your own affiliate programme. Compile/ produce and e-book of your own niche, the start your own affiliate programme. If you have 10 affiliate members, selling 5 e-books a week at USD100, you are already selling 50 e-books a week and that's equivalent to USD5K! And you give away 20% commission to them totalling USD1K... the rest is YOURS! Taking the same average sold a week, minus the commission, you will be earning USD16K a month! Voila... Who would give you that kind of money by sitting down in front of the computer and practically doing nothing? And this is what they say of having the money works for you while you are sleeping!!

So I now have 2 choices:
1) Join any affiliate program - I really have to know what's out there in the information highway and only choose the right ones
2) Create my own affiliate program - I have to do more research on my niche and compile it as an e-book or whatever product that I'm selling..

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