Friday, July 11, 2008

Roller coaster

Life is a real roller coaster. Maybe the genius who invented roller coaster actually had the idea from life.

I was really feeling down yesterday. My internet "project" is getting nowhere .. not because of anything, but simply because I really was not sure what I should do next not sure who to refer to. Then of course, my kids who are non-stop quarelling and screaming over things (they ARE kids anyway)! I don't where my friends were.. MC, work from home.. non-existent.. whatever. Then I kinda missed my beloved .. too much of love novels can make you depressed also. Then of course some PMS factor..

Had to stay up after the kids were asleep to put some final touches on my son's science project - a scrap book on "reproduction". Then had a bad weird dream of some big shot passed away in the middle of a wedding ceremony... they carried away the bodies (a few of them really) with a wedding song playing in the background! This is really a wedding and four funerals!! Duhh...

I was still feeling low this morning until my friend called. This is a dear friend, an ex-colleuge who had become a close friend together with few others. I called him yesterday after years of not talking to him knowing that he started a new job some months ago. Told him about me quitting my job and all just to catch up with each other. Funny how he told me his experience with his only son. Made me think, aren't we all parents have the same feelings about our kids! Then this morning he called me to tell me some good news. I am sooo soo thrilled. Something to do with what I want to do .. write! Oh how I hope this will be materialised.

I was at the bottom of the roller coaster yesterday, going so slowly and now kinda getting up to the top.. but oh dear... I hope I will stay at the top ..not crushing down!!

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