Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My baby is 10!

Irsyad turned 10 last week. I couldn't believe it! He is one BIG boy.. he was our first joy (now we have 4 joys). I can still remember the day I delivered him. I believe everybody has "a sentimental" feeling for their firstborn. He/she is the first of everything that you do as a parent. In fact I think it's not too much to say that the firstborn is the most previleged but very experimental. He gets all new things, he has the most pictures in your album, he gets the most of your attention as a baby, and naturally you practise perfection following all the guides in the book as you are still learning as a parent. And as a result, firstborn normally would be a perfectionist.

As in the case of my firstborn, he is everything of a firstborn that I described above. We want the best for him when he was a baby, we try everything on the book on him. And the results is very encouraging. He is one "good" son - very proper, follow "the rules" accordingly, mature, well liked by friends, doing well in his academics (very competitive too!), as well as VAIN!! And this is one case of perfection I have to mention. This VAIN thing is sometimes killing me. He would change his t-shirt if there's one drop of drinks or whatever that stained his t-shirt .. no matter how small, or it's just plain water. He would arrange his bookshelf nicely and neatly all the time (even if it means messing up other ppl's bookshelf!). He will not wear pyjamas out of the house. He will make sure his hair is nicely combed, his shoes is shiny, and his bag is clean - before going to school. Everything must be in order and perfect. Even though all these are good practise, sometimes it just drives me nuts!!!

As opposed to 8 year-old Eussuv who is the total opposite, he couldn't care less about anything as long as he gets to play whatever he wants to play. And he doesn't even care if the whole t-shirt that he's wearing is stained to the max! This one is a result of us the parents kinda know what being a parent is like after having the first one. So you kinda relax a bit on "the rules". It is proven that the kind of parents you are really shape your children's character.

Back to my firstborn, I hope he will be the exemplary lead to his siblings as he already is now. And my wish for him that he becomes the soleh son and the successful one, both in the world and akhirat. Amin.

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mamachupan said...

Happy birthday Irsyad.. ! I think to some extend he is like Arif but on the other hand, he is so unlike Arif.. The part about following rules, mature and well-liked to a bit lah like Arif.. but vain, competitive and top student tu taklah sangat.. heheh.. more macam mummy dia kot.. hehehe..