Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another step towards working at home

I subscribed to a number of newsletters on internet-money-making websites to get more info on the how-tos, do's and don'ts and the realities of the internet business. So one of the tips I have today is on procrastination that hit me real hard on my nose!! The tips are talking about how much money I have lost by not the starting the business NOW!! It talked about how much time are wasted. I really felt it. It's just that I'm not procrastinating, I'm just not ready. I don't want to deliver something that is half-cooked.
So in desparation, I have emailed to one of the internet guru (whom I have confidence with!) to seek his opinion. I hope he will revert to me as soon as possible. Step 1.
Step 2. Will get another e-book to build up my website on WordPress. I kinda have decided on the name to reflect my niche. I hope I'm in the right niche. Eh .. wait a minute, there is no right or wrong niche isn't it. Yeah.. I hope so.
Oh dear God.. give me the strength, the patience.

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