Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crushed but up again

I thought I was making a bit of a progress by writing to an Internet-money-making so-called guru yesterday. I was so so wrong. I don't blame him. I blame the Malaysian culture that is not so open, not so giving, not so helpful when it comes to helping their own people. Fine. I asked a question, maybe not so direct. What I got is not much, as much as I got from all the researches I've done on my own. Nothing new.

But when I opened up my email this morning I got a little bit of encouragement again. Thanks to my favorite blogging mom newsletter that I received every other day. Again, it hit me on the nose because this time it really said something like GET UP, and DO IT NOW!!! It really pierced my heart and I felt like I'm racing for time! I'm beginning to enjoy all these... but really.. I need a mentor badly! I cannot just get up and do it. That's just not me. OK.. I will draw my short term goal.. NOW. See if I can come up with something for the next few days or next week...

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