Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Imaginery friends

In the early 90s, (when I single.. young and vibrant!!) I watched this movie featuring my favorite (though a shortie) hero.. Robert Downey Jr. He was an adult with 4 imaginery friends who followed him from his childhood. Can't remember the title of the movie. But at that time I thought.. hmmm .. imaginery friends.. crap! I don't remember having any. Must be another American syndrome!

But when I have kids... oh la la.. believe it or not.. EACH of them have their own favorite "friend". I was kinda scared then thinking that my first-born was actually seeing things... but sharing this with my sisters who already had kids at the time, I was surprised to know that having imaginery friend is a normal thing.

This imaginery friend(s) would have name(s), they would play together, talk to each other (though you can only hear your kid talking).. they would have requests.. you will have to prepare food for them, or bathe them or do whatever you do to your kids. It's kind of fun. It's pretty safe (I guess) to do this as long as you know how to draw the line. I "entertain" all my kids imaginery friends as I believe it's good for their creative imagination, communication, learning and social skills. Sounds weird huh..

I can't remember the two older boys' friends name as it was quite some time ago. But Syasya's was "KOFU" (beats me how this came about).. she had it for quite some time at 3yrs old. KOFU somehow dissapear as she turned 4. She said she left KOFU behind at Jeddah airport on the way back from our trip there. Poor KOFU.

Omar has just started having his "friends" some time this week. Quite a number of them by the name of "oh-oh, ah-ah, chi-chi, aeh-aeh" .. the list can go on whenever he likes. How do I know these friends? Bcos if I ask him to do something (i.e eat or sleep) then he would ask if all of these friends are doing the same thing! Cute huh!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

I wish...

It's Monday AGAIN!

How I wish it's Friday!
How I wish I can just stay at home and read a good novel or watch a good movie.. (why did I agree to stay on in the office in the first place? BADDDD decision!)
How I wish I have more time to spend leisurely.. (not stressed!)
How I wish the kids can study on their own for their exam next week!

And how I wish my other half is here to share my burden!! Wuaaaaaaa!

Friday, October 17, 2008

THE Hari Raya

Since we are still in Syawal, perhaps I would write something about it.

We had our raya this year in my hometown. Something I always look forward to now. Though not very "meriah" this year as only me and my elder brother with grown up kids and another single brother and sister at home. IMHO, raya would only be meriah if there are kids and kids, marching around the house.

Raya has been better when I have my kids.. ever since I am a mother. Since I label raya=kids.. then of course I feel that way. Even though raya is a religious celebration, to me as a person, raya was rather meaningless since 1992 (can't remember the Hijriah year then!). My mother passed away on the last day of Ramadhan 1992. That year onwards, there was no actual raya for me. I don't remember hearing any takbir nor having the raya dishes and biscuits that year. Raya 1992 was alomost non-existent. All I remember was reciting quran for her, preparing her for burial. This was all on the eve and the morning of Hari Raya. There were solat raya as well as solat jenazah. My house was full of people paying their last respect to my Mom, not visiting for Hari Raya. Most of my relatives and cousins came back for hari raya and that year they came to my house with tears. I spent the last two weeks of her life with her. With no regrets of missing 2 weeks of Spring classes. But I was a zombie for the rest of Syawal. I don't remember having any celebration even back on campus but one kenduri tahlil arranged by one of the PhD students who happened to be my second cousin.

For the next few years after that, I did not look forward to Hari Raya. Especially having to go back to my hometown.. the video of raya 1992 kept playing in my head. Raya 1995, my sisters and I decided to celebrate Raya elsewhere. We went to Jakarta.. for holidays!

I guess, over the years, after I got married and have kids, the memories slow down. Of course it's still there, it's not as strong as before. I kind of get over it. Though it still bring tears to my eyes whenever I think about it. And the radio never fail to bring the memory up! Every ramadhan, without fail, there'll be a segment in the radio asking callers to call in and relate their sad stories in ramadhan!! I was ever tempted to call but never did so because I would cry even before I made the call.

So.. that was THE Hari Raya. These days, I made efforts to make raya a happy one for my kids. The usual thingy of having new clothes and such. And this year the learnt the meaning of "counting" their duti raya. And keep asking for more! That's the meaning of raya for kids these days!! The only happy thing that I cannot create for my kids.. to kiss their grandparents hands on Hari Raya as when we got married, both my parents and my hubby's parents had passed on!

Whatever you are feeling on Hari Raya, I wish you all a blessed Hari Raya. Hope it was and will be a good one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If this blog can talk, I'm sure he felt abondoned! I have no time nor the passion to write for the past one month. Blame it on the festive season and the office workload that I have!

But I've been doing some blogging in my head.. really! These are what I wanted to talk about but never get around to sit down and write:
1) The famous hari raya (0f course)
2) My extended "retirement" .. duhhh!
3) Hand Foot and Mouth (something the kids infected with just before puasa)
4) Ear infection (something Eussuv is prone to since he was a baby and having it at this very moment - he has 4 days of MC this week)
5) The growing up boy - this is rather a sentimental feeling of a mother!

And really.. there are other tons of things that I can write about but never get around to do it.. (excuses.. excuses!)

Oh well... perhaps some day!!