Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 - Of hopes and prayers

Another year is here again..and life goes on. Welcome 2015, another challenging year that I pray hard will pass without any big hurdle despite 3 of my kids having their big exams. UPSR, PT3 and SPM. A very well known and scary abbreviations for kids in Malaysia. Oh sure, they are just papers.. but papers that will see them through their life in Malaysia. In the country where your personal qualities are often ignored, but papers are highly appraised!

Starting of the year made me think about friendship. Somehow I bumped into some old friends whom I have not catch up with for so many years. I feel the need to reconnect with them, for old times sake. I for one, am somebody who really treasure my friendship. I just cannot live without my friends. They are colors of my life, we create memories together, be it good or bad. Life without friends is like death without witnesses. Hence this year I plan to make more time for old friends. Sadly though, there are also those who simply forget the time we spent together in their life's own pursuit. How could one forget.. and they are not even bad memories. How can you just leave your good friends and treat them as though they never exist in your life. I hope someday they come to their senses and reconcile.

I shall also pray for this year to become a better and more significant in many ways.. in every way. I shall redho with whatever that may come but I hope I shall be more prepared.

No these are not my new year resolutions, but just hopes and prayers. And with efforts, I shall make it through.

May Allah bless us all and gives us barakah in every way...