Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School break

The first term break was just over. Thought I could have some peace at home after one week of chaos.. but it was extended. The kids (except Eussuv) developed red-eyes, some eye discharge and fever on Sunday. Great timing! Went to see a GP on Sunday night and no school for the next day. So Monday was full of medication routine. The hard part was giving them the antibiotic, ewwhhh.. it tasted awful. Couldn't they make some nice antibiotic for kids??

Actually the break was not so bad. Started on Friday (12th) - we started one day early - we went to Kuantan for my nephew's wedding. Kids had so much fun meeting their cousins and had wonderful time at the hotel pool. The rest of the week was nothing much as Irsyad had extra classes from 8am-11:30pm and tuition at night. While Irsyad went to his classes, I made sure Eussuv review his subjects with the revision books! So much of a school break! But the boys enjoyed their futsal moment every evening at the futsal court nearby. Not only they got to play, they also make many new friends.

On Sunday  (before the red-eye appeared) we went to Putrajaya for the Hot Air Balloon show. So much excitement, so disappointing... there were so many people, so many cars, so many stalls selling stuff, so many other activities like waterball, tricycle or something, coloring contest (as usual) .. and it was blazing hot at 12pm. Worst, there was no sign of hot air balloon anywhere. We were really late. The balloons were only up in early morning and evening. Last year, the first year of the carnival, we got there around 9am. No traffic, no carnival. It was great and fun. This year it seems that the carnival has taken over the actual balloon activities... and of course the fact that we were late! But really, I think it's a Malaysian thing, if they want to attract people to some new thing, they must have a carnival. Lots of people will come of course, but not so much to see and learn about this new thing but to go to the carnival and get good bargain on thingsl. Typical! So much of that, we left after going around most of the activity booths and found most of it closed for lunch. What luck! We shall try again next year then.

Till the next school holidays...  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The last few days of "freedom"

I'm enjoying my last few days of "freedom" before my maid goes off for good. I'm watching Barbie as Rapunzel with the kids while blogging. Well, it's not like I have been sitting here since I woke up..! I have finished one round of cleaning my bedroom and one toilet. I've bathed the two little kids and feed them. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for being maidless. Not that I never live without them, it's just that this time it may be for a longer time or for good? We'll see how long I can take it. Not that I have to go to work anyways! I should be able to care for my family myself, shouldn't I? 

Apart from the luxury of free time and leisure that I might lose, I will definitely miss my maid. So will the kids. She will also miss us for sure.  I will miss her sambal and doughnuts and all the nice meals she cooked for us.I thought she would be happy to be sent home but I just discovered that she is rather sad and scared to go back. Going home, even means to be with her two kids, she will face hardship of raising her kids in poverty. It will also mean she has to face villagers who would think she has done something bad because she goes back before her contract ended. Even worse when they will eventually discovered that she's pregnant. They will just talk bad, even they know she's here with her husband. That's how their lives are!

I wish her the best, I pray for her well-being. I also pray for me ... for being maidless. I shall enjoy these few moments till the day comes (which is about 8 days away!).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Unbearable heat

Perhaps the world is coming to its end. The weather around the world is at its worst. While one part is experiencing extreme cold, this part is having the worst heat ever. I don't think I have ever experienced this kind of heat in my entire life. Not even in the Holy Land! It's simply too hot!! Surely my next electricity bill will explode. The aircond is on most of the time day and night.. I'm almost suffocated. I'm one person who prefers natural air to aircond. And yet, in the current weather I can only stand a few hours of the natural air! I bet it's a different story if you are in the office the whole day, you don't feel much heat. Even the rain does not help. When it rains, the heat is even worse since the hot air comes up to the air due to the rain. 

Ya Allah, please have some mercy on us! Please cool the earth.
And people... stop contributing to the global warming!