Friday, June 27, 2008

The career woman I never am/was

I just finished my last presentation to the top management. I have this once in a while and I always dread it.. in fear of not knowing the answers to their questions on whatever I was presenting. But this time I think I did quite well. In fact my bosses were all praises after the meeting. Huh! At the 11th hour of my stay in the company, suddenly some people wanted to give me a boost of confidence. Ooopss.. too late! It's OK, I kinda enjoyed it. Should I had many of those presentations, I might not be where I am today. I should have been climbing the ladder. And to climb the ladder, you have to be smart (or pretend to be one), have a good networking around the company (know who's who or be part of the BIG who's who), be VISIBLE - have to be active in all kinds of activties in the company. It's not just enough having a high rating in your appraisal! So, being me, I was never in any of those category. I enjoy my low-profile status as it is, and thus - stuck being where I am today.

I never was or am a climbing-the-corporate-ladder kind of person. Well, maybe I was when I started. So eager and motivated to learn and improve. Somehow things kinda went downhill after I started a family. All energy and time went to my family. Never even regretted it for a moment.

What I regretted is not knowing how to divide my time and family thus neglecting one or the other. Perhaps I will do better in the up-coming new phase of life.

At this moment .. I feel so free and happy...

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