Monday, July 21, 2008

Malaysian Style...

How time flies.. I haven't been writing for a week. I thought I'd take a break.. but I got carried away with office work. And my, a few things has happened within a week. Oh nothing major, just little things that made you more aware of things that are happening all around you.

I learnt a few things or two about the internet. First, I would say the internet age population in Malaysia is between 20-30. This I found out from some of the websites that I visited and registered myself in. Why I made that assumption? The language the used. You can sort of tell the age from the language that they used. The youngsters like to use the "hype" language.. the happening ones, more of slang rather than actual language, be it Malay or English. As opposed to the "elderly" (in the category of 35 and above) who would use a lot more proper language. That's my observation and assumption .. you are more than welcome to comment. And then of course, if they don't know if you are Malay, it's OK to communicate in English.. but once they know you are just another Malay, woaaaaa the language and the tone would change drastically. As if it's a BIG sin to speak English to another Malay. THIS, is beyond me!! I just don't understand!!!

Most of the websites/ blogs are also by the youngsters.. perhaps the internet is the IN thing these days and part of their entertainment. There's good and bad in it of course. I for one encouraged my kids to be part of the Internet community, to get the better part of the technology revolution. Then again I monitor strictly the hours they are on the Net. I don't want them to be computer geeks! They are too young to be losing their time just to the Net. I would prefer them to enjoy their childhood in the nature i.e have fun in the park, play footbal, cycling, camping etc. And thank God up to now, they prefer the nature!

I was also surprised to see the non-existence of a local parenting portal. I've been subscribing to a number of US or UK based websites on parenting. So I looked for a similar website that is locally hosted and perhaps with some local tips on parenting applicable to Asian and Muslim. There's none! I'm quite surprised. Maybe there are but I have yet to come accross it. I know there are a lot of websites selling baby, maternity or mom products. But none on informative comprehensive parenting portal. Hmmm.. that's an idea by itself. Not for the uniqueness, but for the need to be fulfilled.

So perhaps, I should invite more "elderly" to join me in the Malaysian information highway....

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