Friday, July 11, 2008

New craze.. self indulgence

I have a new craze. Well actually it's not new, it's something I picked up again after years and years. Reading novels. Love novels! Oh OK.. you can call me a romantic fool if you want. But really. Love novels - a good one - will give you all the feelings in the world. It will have some funny, sad, suspense, angry, happy feelings.. and the best is that romantic feelings, feel of love. I can't believe I said that!! It brings you out of this world. It's like eating chocolate and feel so heavenly.
I've been reading love novels since I was a teenager but mainly English novels. In the beginning I take it as one way to improve my English.. but over the years until my college years I kinda get hooked to it. In the early years of my working world, I start reading motivational books .. trying to "unleash the power in me".. and until now I am never away from these books which now revolving around motivational parenting.
A few months ago, out of boredom, I picked up a Malay romance novel from my sister in law.. and now I'm addicted. It really brings you out of this world 'cos sometimes it's just so unreal, but the author word it so beautifully that you think it's real, it makes you dream that it's real. It puts a smile on your lips, and tears in your eyes. The plot is sometimes simple and sometimes complicated, but again, the author made you flip the pages over and over again. I could stay up the whole night just to know the ending, which is always a beautiful, happy one.
I really salute those authors with such imagination. I don't think it's easy to come up with beautiful stories.

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