Monday, July 20, 2009

The AGE dillemma

You can tell if you are getting older when your kids are growing older. Sometimes I missed this. I'd like to stay young and vibrant.. and be the young one I was... but suddenly hey... I see my kids are doing the "young" things I wanted to do. Listen to the latest hit and danced around, be in the latest trend of fashion, play the latest games in the market .. and the list goes on. Imagine if I were to stay young.. as young as the kids. Ha ha.. I don't think so. I don't even know who's hot or the latest gossips these days. Let alone listen to the latest hit! So perhaps I should just stick to young at heart eh?
Omar turned 3 last week and Irsyad is 11 tomorrow. Time flies too fast. Omar is starting to hate my cuddling him.. Irsyad is definitely turning into a tween who's half teenager and half kid. Before I know it, I'll be left alone at home when everybody goes to school (not to mention eventually they will leave us to get married!!). No more babies to cuddle, to bathe, to feed. But a lot of serious mind psyche to raise them. Eh really? I guess it's a gradual thing that we have to take one a time.

Happy birthday boys. I hope I am a good mom to you since you were born and I hope you love me as much as I love you. Wuahhhhahah.. I wish you all don't grow up too fast as I just can't get enough of that baby smell..

This year is all home mad
e birthday cake. I never dream to bake at all!

The birthday boys with dad and cousins.