Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mind Mapping

I just found out last night that my eldest son uses a mind mapping technique in his religuous school. I was ecstatic! I have taught him once how to do it, and I thought he never understood and never used it. But hey.. he does. And the best is his teacher is using mind-mapping technique delivering the notes to them. I am impressed.

What is mind mapping? Since I am no master in mind-mapping and nor am I a writer, I shall quote it from one of the many mind mapping sites :

" Popularized by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps abandon the list format of conventional note taking. They do this in favor of a two-dimensional structure. As such, a good Mind Map shows the 'shape' of the subject, the relative importance of individual points, and the way in which facts relate to one another.Mind Maps are more compact than conventional notes, often taking up one side of paper. This helps you to make associations easily. And if you find out more information after you have drawn the main Mind Map, then you can easily add it in. "

To put it in simple terms, it's merely a drawing of notes. Instead of listing the notes (of whatever you have in mind) you draw in such one point is related to another. You can mind-map ANYthing in the world, from your personal things like groceries shopping, wedding plan, travel plan to your business plan or your life goal! It's really great.. I've done it many times and I rarely left any important points!

If you can train your kids to do mind mapping, it is SO great as it is not only make them remember but they can develop their thoughts in such that "they help you to associate ideas and make connections that might not otherwise make".

Here are examples of a Time Management mind map. There are two ways of doing it, the normal map with words/ phrase or a very nice colorful and meaningful maps via pictures. The former is preferred as it is very visual and easy to remember.

Type 1 (simple note-taking, no colors, no graphics)

Type 2 (graphical, colorful, simple phrases)

Try it. It's easy, fun and highly effective!

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