Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Ultimate Brownies

Late last year, I suddenly found a passion to bake. My very first cake was a banana cake. For a first timer, it came out nice, soft, so cake-like. I couldn't believe it! And I didn't even follow the recipe to the exact measure. Somehow after a few rounds of banana cake, it started to play tricks on me. Not sure what went wrong but it just wouldn't come out right.. it became a "bingka" instead of cake. After a few rounds of Banana bingka.. I kinda give up and try other things. I tried a few other cakes which "became" cakes like carrot cake, chocolate cake, and even muffins.

But my best baked item so far is the brownies! My dear nephew gave the recipe to me after he tried it a few times. I have my fears cos I have been baking brownies from the box (oopss) and it never turned out right. But this recipe from the scratch is just different. It is so easy to make, and never fail me .. YET! I have rounds of brownies for the past few months and is well liked by all of those who has tasted it. So I'm giving it away now.. for free! This is how I make it...

Dry items to be mixed together:
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder (Van Houten)
Chopped hazelnut (to your liking)
Chopped (chunky) chocolate bar (200g Van Houten or Hershey's - whatever chocolate you like)

Beat together:
4 eggs
250g melted butter (1 small bar of butter)
1 tsp vanilla essen
1 cup of sugar

Beat the above item just for a while, no need until fluffy. I normally beat just to make sure the sugar is dissolved. Then add this mixture to the dry mixture. Stir slowly and evenly, make sure everything is mixed well. Don't overmix. And there you go.. you have your brownies. Oppss.. make sure you have pre-heat your oven at 180 Degrees Celcius before that. And grease your baking pan. Pour the mixture onto the baking pan - whatever baking pan shape you like. And bake for 37mins.

The original recipe of this says just mix everything together and bake for 40 mins. It gets too crunchy at the top (too dry) if I bake it at 40mins so I reduce the time by 3 mins. And it's best to let it cool before you eat it.. and even put it in a fridge for a while. But this never happened so far cos the kids and I like it hot. I have yet to try chocolate topping on top. This would be nice also.. it'll be so chocolaty!!

Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of this.. it's always a goner before I can snap the picture. Next time perhaps.

Happy baking.. I'm sure you'll love it!

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