Thursday, July 24, 2008

Passion (an entry with no passion)

Blogging could be a passion. If it's a passion, you don't even have to try hard to think of what to write. Some write beautifully and you just want to read on and on. Some thinks they write real good stuff and keep on writing (even though the truth is, what they write is crap!), and some just write because they just want to write. Just like me.

Ever since I declare that I love to write and start writing, I feel like, hey I can't write at all!! I keep comparing my writing with other people. And I think I'm one of those who write craps!! And not even good at it. Well maybe not so crap, just boring stuff.

Where has all the passion gone? Perhaps I need some boost... boost of writing, boost of morale, boost of ego.. and all sorts ...

Oh well... WHO CARES anyways!!

ps: I must be in one of those moods.. I'm starting to write real crap!

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