Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The March Story

I have to write about the March madness that I encountered so that I remember and have it recorded.

It was madness. Madness I never experienced before or perhaps I did experience it before but never get around to write it.

Early March was the results for my eldest's exam, the BIG Malaysian exam that's supposedly 'determine' his future. I say 'supposedly' because that seems to be the belief that Malaysians planted in their heads. While I on the other hand believe otherwise. It is not THIS exam that determines your life. Yes it may be a ticket to a brighter future but it's not the end of it. If somebody did badly, it's not the end of life, if somebody did very well, it doesn't mean you're gonna have a successful life. It all depends on what you want in life and how you chart the journey of your life. So it all depends on yourself, not the exam results!

Still, Alhamdulillah Irsyad did well though not as well as he wanted it to be. But like I told him it's a reflection of how much effort he had put in it, so he had to accept it. Also, it's already written up there that's the results that he's gonna get. With the results, we went hunting for a place to further his studies. It went on for the next two weeks which include attending education fairs and applying online. It was a lot of headache since there are many courses that he wanted to apply but he couldn't due to his results. Also the MAJOR hurdle, the $$$. We couldn't afford the private unis but can only hope for the public unis (which I trust have better quality of education!) and hope for financial aid from any organisation. HOPE!

Not forgetting the headache we had with 'changing of interests', what his friends had, what daddy wanted. Ouchhhh.. he vouched for what dad suggested in the end.

After two weeks, after I thought I can finally sit down, received a text message for my second son's admission for a boarding school! And we all at first thought it was a scam!! Yes we did apply for the school but was told by at least three officers there that it's not likely to get it because of his results. And whaddayaknow! We checked online, and yes, it was his name, his ID number and no it was not a scam. And we had only three working days to prepare him. That 3 days include preparing the paperworks, the things that he had to bring to the school, and of course the mental preparation for both him and the family. I never expected him to get a place so we never talk about it nor even think about it. Just sometimes hope. Alhamdulillah he's ok with it and accept it gladly. So off he went, after a 6 hour journey to the school. A very nice hilly boarding school.

The next two weeks of March left with us adjusting Eussuv in the new school. Waiting for him to call and text. Trying to convince him things are gonna be ok when he sounded a bit worried about life there, and sometimes sounded homesick. It was an adjustment period which he (and me too) had to endure. Once we all passed that moment, in shaa Allah things will go on smoothly and life goes on.

It was really a madness, emotionally and physically. Financially as well. Preparation for a boarding school is no joke, fees to pay, uniforms to buy, bla bla bla. And even applying for colleges requires the RM too. Makes me wonder what if one cannot afford it?

Now it's already May. How time flies. April was the time for me to chill down just a bit, before I took on an assignment which lasted me throughout April. And before you know it, it'll be the end of 2016.

I pray for the months to come to bring me more significant moments. Though a dread sometimes, I know I have to go through it. May will be the results to the unis. Hope Irsyad will get what he wanted. In shaa Allah.