Monday, June 16, 2008

Privacy Exposed!

The only reader of my blog (at this point of time) has made her point. So I shall expose myself and my family in this entry. The only thing is that I'm so "duhhhhhh"... as in it's gonna be a boring show of pictures cos I don't even know how to maneuver this damn thing.

There you go.. From left, Ryan Omar (2), Princess Aisyah (a.k.a Syasya 5), Eussuv (the chubby one, 8) and the macho one, Irsyad (8). This is taken last Saturday during their cousin's wedding. Luckily Syasya finally had a smile on her face for the day. She's been sulking from morning because she didn't want to wear the gown. She's very much of a jeans-and t-shirt gal. Very much like Mommy!!

How about Mom and Dad.. hmmm.. that's a bit difficult to expose as they are always the ones taking the pix and REALLY.. couldn't find a decent one to put in here. Will definitely put it up one day. Will try hard. Promise.

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mamachupan said...

I am sure there are other people who read your blog, they just don't leave any comment.. hehehe.. and the picture is so small so susah nak nampak Omar Ryan.. I am sure you have a lot of beautiful pictures of syasha.. apa apa pun, I will see them the other sunday (29th June kan)