Monday, June 23, 2008

Some simple steps (not easy ones though) to start working at home ..

I've been reading a lot of articles on working-at-home, so much that it confuses me.. and so much that I felt that my eyeballs can pop out. And that's only the beginning. Information overload! Actually I have got almost everything, I only have to take that one step and get the ball rolling!

I've got:
1) How do I start
2) How do I generate the income
3) How do I get the traffic to my website
4) How do I market my website
5) How do I protect my website from scams and hackers
6) And zillions of other articles which at the end of the day telling you the same thing over and over again...

And this is what I don't have YET...
1) A product (this is the top of the list of "how do I start") .... duhhhh
2) A website (how can I have this when I don't have the product??)
3) Courage to start... !!!!!

Perhaps when I finally have the product, then I wud have the courage huh..

I do have some products in mind but not sure if they are viable on-line. oh yeah I do have some testing products.. but not sure if I would still have the stock once the website is ready.
And some of the great tips I read is, you are ecouraged to have more than one product and more than one website. Wuahhhhahaha.. I'm doomed..

OK let's get serious. There are many ways to work, you must at least have one product/ service of your own and the rest, you can try your luck on affiliate marketing. What's affiliate marketing? I will cover that in my next entry.

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