Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work at Home Parent

I must write on this one as to reply to Intan's comment. I do agree that maybe it should be Work-at-home-parent as to indicate it is a parent regardless of mom or dad. Then again, you must know, working at home mean you generate money from home and most likely on-line. In on-line business (this is what I discovered from those eye-popping articles!) you have to find your niche and then your market. True enough being a parent is already a market by itself, but in the cyberworld, it is good to separate the parent function to mom and dad to identify your target market. You have to agree that there must be at least a slight difference in being a mom and dad.. well at least in gender if not roles! So I believe Work-at-home-dad as it is being a male.. will attract a different market altogether in his own unique way..
Another thing, in the information highway, for you to get your information fast and accurate, you have to set your keyword right.

Let's see some statistics, if you search on Google, this is what you get..
1) Work at home mom (WAHM) - 4,190,000 results
2) Work at home dad (WAHD) - 4,510,000 results
3) Work at home parent (WAHP) - 23,400,000 results

There you go. There is such thing as WAHP. They even have their own network. So imagine, you must know how to label yourself or your business and how to be visible in the information forest, and most importantly how to get spotted and thus they buy your products.

Phewwh.. having said that.. what say you all? Aku sure kena big time dengan pakar2 dari USM nih.. especially on gender, roles, functions.. and what not!

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