Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Safety Rules

It's safety day in my office today. Listening to the speeches given by the leaders, I thought of writing this. One of the cliches we often hear is "Safety Begins at Home". I for one couldn't agree more. If you are aware of the safety around you, you will subconciously put the safety measures in whatever you do and practice it at home, and everywhere else.

Safety at home is the most important thing especially if you have kids. You have to know the safety rules at all levels while raising your children, from the day they were born, until they can think of the safety rules themselves. I think we Malaysians don't really emphasize this "Safety Begins at Home"... i.e that's why we have too many home accidents. Thank God, so far I have not encountered any major accidents at home. Though lots of little trips, and "tersepit" fingers and toes! All my kids have their little fingers "tersepit" at the car door at least once! Yup.. me .. bad mom!! Luckily again.. they are soft ones... but bad enough to keep them screaming in pain for a good 10 mins.. and a blue black on their little fingers for a few days.. no broken bones..

You have to ensure safety in all corners of the house. It will tire you to think of all the things to keep your child safe. If you can't cover all, you must intravene when you see any dangerous act. I sreamed at the top of my lungs if I have to !! I teach my kids what is dangerous and what is not. So you can hear my kids say.. "eh bahaya tu! ("that's dangerous")... heheh...

There's also safety against crimes. Sadly, Malaysia has become such an unsafe country. The price that you have to pay for development! This the safety that I fear as it is most likely unforseen. How do you ensure that you are safe against the robbers? Yes we do take measures at home but we never know. I fear for the safety of my children the most. I had a close call of 2 of them being taken away without my knowledge last year when my ungrateful maid took them away. Thankfully, they were returned to me safely. I cringed at the thought of any of them taken away from. Na'uzubillah.

Other than taking the safety measures, the best that we can do is PRAY. Never forget to pray for your safety against disasters and evils..

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