Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work at Home Mom (WAHM)

Ever since I decided to quit my job, I have done a lot of researches on working from home. I definitely have to do something to earn some money. With the petrol hike and everything else, surely I would need some income other than "supposedly income" from my beloved. I worry so much about the expenses after I have quit my job but my beloved assured me otherwise. But I can't just keep my fingers cross and pray that it would be enough. Planning wise, it should be just enough, no luxuries.. but really you never know what could come up along the way. I fear even to think about it.

So as a step forward, I've been doing a lot of research on WAHM - as it is popularly know on-line. There are thousands of sites covering this topic. I am so overwhelmed by info. And getting confused too. Mostly though, talk about the same ideas, just promoting different products. Yeah, products. That's the number one thing that you must have. And, for the life of me.. I DON'T HAVE ONE!!! I don't even like selling. But I know I need some income, and I know I want to do it on-line. Fortunately, in this cyber age, everything is possible.

These are the things that I can do to generate income on-line:

1) Sell my own product (no i don't have one)

2) Sell other people's products (hmm .. possible)

3) Sell advertising space on your webiste/ blog...

Guess which one would be my choice? Obviously no.3. And possibly no.2 in the near future once I understand what is it all about. I knew about no.3 long time ago and never got around to do. Actually I tried but again, I was overwhelmed by info that I tried once and got confused all over.. (I think I need to fix my brain!!)..

The WAHM concept is not very popular yet in Malaysia. It is coming, but slowly. Overseas, especially in the US, working at home is the trend now. And boy, they make loads of money!! One of the many sites that I visited and rather informative and inspiring is this one here...

There has been many sites and ebooks and what-not available in Malaysia, but mostly these people are young unmarried men. They don't have the MOM responsibility. They can blog their lives away without any nagging over their shoulder. But it's different being a mom and at the same time trying to earn money on the Net. Most WAHM concept in Malaysia (the ones that I've visited) are those with products. I found one nice WAHM site which is listed first on the Google Search and from Malaysia surprisingly and run by a Malay lady .. have a look here .. the only thing is that, this lady was not a mom yet when she developed the site.

For me, as a mom of 4, it'll a great challenge. Challenges in time management for sure, in my skills and surely my patience. I hope God will give me the strength to deal with my patience. And perhaps.. gimme some miracle for my brain becomes "brainier" than ever!! Who knows eh!

So from now onwards, I shall focus on this WAHM concept.. and perhaps will even come up with my own product to sell eventually..


Izzy said...

Hi....when did you quit your job???? Welcome to my club of Desperate Housewife. I am enjoying every bit of it bcoz being an expat wife.....i am circled by girlfriends that also had to quit their jobs to follow their spouse. So we do lots of activities together while the kids go to school. But hey...bila balik M'sia nanti sure borings coz most of my friends are working. So when you are successful nanti....hope you dont mind sharing your secrets of success.

mamachupan said...

hi toyah, will definitely ask aa to go to your blog and may be he share information with you. Aa pun intensively search internet for money-making possibilities.. (but mainly at night when kids are sleeping hehehe)

Mommy dearie said...

Shima.. I have DECIDED to quit.. but still working. Hehehe.. They have yet to decide on my last day.. probably somewehere in September. This blog is a preparatiof what's to come .. and hopefully will fill my time. Desperate Housewives definitely will not accept me as I'm not IN the circle.. muahhahah..