Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holidays... and now back to school again ...

The kids are back to school again after 2 weeks of "freedom"! And this time around, I think they had the holidays of their lives. No, we did not go jet setting anywhere, it was just a trip with other family members (uncles, aunties and cousins) that made their holidays. We took a 7-hr drive up north to attend a wedding of my husband's nephew. It was a way long of a journey.. and surprisingly a nice one too. Not much hassle from the kids (as they are watching the videos or playing PSP). I especially enjoyed the nice view of paddy fields and all the greens.

For every holiday that we took I always have this great fear of:
1) The hotel that we book did not have our registration
2) The hotel is not up to our expectation
3) Anything happens to our car
4) Anybody got sick
5) Somebody flared his temper for any reason.. and there goes the holiday..

So far, no. 1 happens once, no. 2 once or twice, no.5 quite a number of times (or everytime) ...

And for this time around, it's number 3!! Luckily nobody got hurt!! The tyre burst while I was driving down the hill... fortunately we have quite a stable car that I didn't even notice any difference... somebody at the toll pointed out the flat tyre to us. Stopped the car after the toll booth. And my poor hubby had to use up ALL his energy to change the tyre. And it was raining. No doubt, some tempers fly, some ego dented. But frankly, the most important thing was that we were all OK.. things cud have been worse (I don't even want to write here what could possibly happened if the car went skidded!!)... and fortunately.. during this "ordeal".. the kids were at their best behavior.. imagine that! I was so grateful for them for being such wonderful kids.

Now, the usual routine is back. School, homework, school.. not easy being kids these days.

Next.. I shall talk about the "people-person" of my kids.....

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