Monday, June 23, 2008

"Biasalah tu..."

I'm having another stressful Monday night... school night! For some weird reason, school teachers give the most homework on Mondays. Tonight at one point of time I had Omar tugging my shirt screaming.."Mommy..Mommy..Mommy" - he wanted a chocolate biscuit (at 9pm!!), Syasya doing her homework but whining for me to sit besides her, Irsyad asking me to explain to him about "leap year", and Eussuv standing in queue for me because he couldn't understand what he's supposed to do in his Jawi homework. If only I could break into four persons and attend to all of them respectively at the same time. And in the midst of all these ... timely, hubby called. Me, being stressed and longing for some support, blurt out my stress in a stressful voice! And what do I hear from the other end of the line? Another irritated voice saying.. "biasalah tu kan..." to my dismay! For the umpteenth time.. and did I ever learn? No.. I often forget not to keep my stress to myself.. blurt it out in fear that I might go crazy. Yes it is "biasa" to have this scenario in any household, but at least you can divide half of the burden to your other half. It is "biasa" to have this scenario in my household also.. but please... just lend an ear and hear my grouch. And it is "biasa" already that I have this running in my head and I finally get it written down tonight.. sighhh!

Oh dear heart ... have patience..


mamachupan said...

How come syasya also got homework..?? dia dah 5 ke..? nasib baik tadika Iman tak de homework.. biasa biasa... eh pedih tuh.. I can imagine the stress.. 4 kids begging for your attention..

Mommy dearie said...

Syasya will be 5 this year. Sekolah dia memang ada homework everyday without fail! Aku dah complain so they give less work but still ada! Masa the boys dulu pun tak ada hw..