Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh please help..

My hands are so itchy to tap the keyboard, my head is brimming with things to write, and my heart is screaming that I need to let go! It's like an suppressed thing in your body wanting to go out and yet it just stayed there. Heheh! It's just an entry in a blog.. what the heck. I just want to write... let go of what's in my head and my heart but I have neither the time nor the resources to do it.

I'm loaded with office work that I can no longer write an entry during breaks. Eheh.. I know I'm not supposed to write an entry during office hours! And at home it's another story altogether. I'm fighting to use the computer with Irsyad who now spends his holidays playing on-line games with his friends!! I can't believe it.. ! He now knows how to chat using YM. He's in front of the PC the minute he got home from his agama school in the morning. The PC will be on until bedtime. The rest of his siblings can only stand AROUND him watching him play. And this is only coming to the SECOND week of the school holidays! Eussuv and Syasya were also not happy at all with because they couldn't get their hands on the computer without Irsyad screaming NO at them.. and they couldn't get Irsyad to play with them on whatever off-line games (like skipping, cards, or simply their usual "siblings" concert that they sometimes have!). And Mommy also.. at the same time, is having a rather "mild heart attack" looking at this situation. But thanks to Daddy, starting this week, they will have a roster of who can use the computer at what time. BUT.. Mommy's name is not included in the roster! Wuahhhhahah..

I need my router back!!! Gone were the days that I can sit quietly tapping away my laptop while the kids asleep. I lost the router to the lightning and it never regained conciousness nor did I make any inititative to replace it.. perhaps this is the time..

And this is one entry of no substance... just purely heart pouring..

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Yusni MJ said...

The best solitary time for me is like 5 am in the morning. No disturbance at all. Every now and then, I make an attempt to wake up early as to start my day in peace and quiet.

As for my son, Harris he can only play with the computer in the afternoon while the younger brother having an afternoon nap. Other time, he has to play with the adik regardles whether he likes it or not. Of course, having no option, he played with them and having a good time.

In the day time after the housework has been completed, I have my quiet moment in my bedroom to do my computer time. The kids are not allow to be in my home office(a.k.a bedroom) at this time.

When you are at home, having a solitary moment to yourself is a mandatory to keep your sanity intact.

I love my kids dearly but I cant stand them 24x7. I need my time out and they also need my time out from me.

The time table for the computer time is a very brilliant idea. Mommy can take turn in the late nite or early morning schedule I suppose when everybody else is safe and sound asleep. Really really really peaceful and quiet moment.