Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday for kids... not so holiday for mom

Exams are over. The year end school holiday is here. As much as I'm glad school is over, I wish I'm at home to enjoy the holidays with them. I would have a lot of plans for them if I'm not working.
-I would balik kampung and stay there for a week..
-I would send them for any seminars or owrkshop for kids..
-I would simply stay at home and cook for them.. and watch over them..
-They could play outside since Mummy is at home (no one is allowed outside the gate if Mummy is not at home!)
-I would go out for a movie or simply lepak at the mall (really??) ..
-Go cycling in the park..

Oh how nice to dream...
Perhaps next year?

While the holiday is really here.. the auditors will be here as well.. in my office.. thus.. no time off, no leave for the next two weeks. Patience.. patience.. this is one last one! 7 more weeks to go. Will make it up the next school holidays where I'll be free free free... (I really do pray so!)

Have a good school break everybody!!

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mamachupan said...

U can take extra-long weekend lah. Take friday and monday off and just spent them lepak with your kids.