Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Of Syasya and Adam

Syasya and Adam are best of friends. They first met at Eussuv's birthday party late 2007. Adam is the little brother of Alif, Eussuv's good friend from his agama school. Alif came to the birthday party with his family including parents, and two little brothers, Adam and Aiman. Aiman is the same age as Omar. From then onwards, we become family friends. The family of 3 boys is such a lovely, well-mannered family with a beautiful and soft spoken lady of the house.
OK back to Syasya and Adam, they hit it off instantly when they first met. Adam is rather a shy boy but seemed to be very friendly towards Syasya. In January 2008 they went to the same pre-school. This is where the friendship develop. Syasya was a bit apprehensive at first going to a new school and meeting new people. But with Adam around, she adapted quite well. Eventually, they became inseparable! Syasya will not sit with anybody else but Adam, and vice versa. For any activities in the class, the teacher had to pair them together.. otherwise, one will not move! They do have other friends, but they will still be around each other. They are like a support pillar to each other. When either one is absent, they will call each other to ask why.. and say.. "you must come to school tomorrow ok..." Cute huh!

And.. here they are. Looking very playful.. like true friends.. I hope they will remain friends for a long time. I hope they will remember each other when they grow up.. And I hope they will value their friendship just as I value mine...


mamachupan said...

Aah So cute one! hehehe.. What about Syasya and Iman?? Can we still berbesan??? heheh..

Mommy dearie said...

Nak ke berbesan dgn aku? No hal punya! The best man wins! Hahah..