Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today. Since last nite actually.

I'm driving back to my hometown tomorrow with the kids with an extra helping hand, my nephew A. And this nostalgic feeling is because of A. I looked after him for a while when he was one year old after the passing of his young mom due a tragic incident. He was in there too but his life was spared. He is a healthy and, rather cheeky, 15 year old boy now. My very first "son"!

I still have the "soft-spot" for him these days. Never forget his birthdays and any other important days of his life. From a young cute boy, and very much pitied-for for the loss of his mom, he has grown to young handsome man. And tomorow, he's gonna be my co-pilot and entertain the kids while I drive! How time flies!

Semoga Allah mencucuri roh A's mom. Amin.

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Yusni MJ said...

Have a nice trip balik kampung and drive safely.