Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GP vs Pedic

GP = General Practitioner
Pedic = Pediatrician

Having 4 kids, among other zillion things, also meant numerous numerous trips to the clinics and hospitals. Specialists and non-specialists. Some short wait and some long wait. All these experiences have made me sometimes acted through instinct on which doctor should I visit, or which clinic and doctor should I go to or ban! I now have my own favorite doctors. I know the prescriptions by name, I sometimes prescribe them on my own.. based on experience and some research on the internet. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But of course I don't go overboard! Like I never prescribe antibiotics for them like some mothers would!

Most of the time, I would bring the kids to a pediatrician if they are below one year old. Simply because I think a pedic treats a child better than a GP. They handle the kids better since they are trained to do so I guess. And also they explain better. But of course I have met a mean pedic who would glare at babies and prescribed the strongest dose of medication! But most of the pedic I met are nice ones. There are also nice and experienced GP who's had many kids as patients.. but I am still comfortable with a pedic.

There's this one GP who scolded me because he couldn't handle a crying baby Irsyad, "you see, how can I check him like this?" he said with an angry tone towards me. How am I supposed to know.. you are the doctor!

And there's this lady doctor who raised her eyebrow and shook her head when I told her Eussuv was still breast-fed at the age of 2 (at that time) and said "don't you think he's too old already to be breastfed?" .. and that came from a lady doctor who's supposed to support breastfeeding! And by the way, she's a gynae operating a GP clinic. For this one, it's not about being a GP or a pedic, but being a doctor itself. Aren't you supposed to be supportive?

I try to stick to only one pedic and one GP these days. Just to make sure they have our health history. Since they are 4 of them, I would try my trusted GP first. Then if their sickness prolong then only I bring them to the pedic. Most of the time, the pedic's prescriptions works better, not necessarily faster. Of course a GP would be a cheaper choice.. but who wants to compromise a child's health? While I still can afford it! I pray hard all of them will stay healthy and there will not be the day when I have to compromise their health to $$$$!

Not trying to generalise doctors.. just telling my stories!


anne said...

Hi mommy dearie,

It's unbelievable to hear such comments from lady gynae abt breastfeeding at this Age!

Hmmm, guess we'd be surprised of how many women out there who are still not open to it. Either lack of awareness or simply ignorance...

SabrinaWM said...

I would still prefer a pediatric than a GP for my children even they've passed 7 years old! Especially if its something to do with fever and or even URTI case. The Pediatrician that I frequent taught me how to treat my children first :-) so that I don't have to frequent her.
So yeah, i agree with you definitely a Pedic even if it brings bigger hole to my pocket. No compromise - I've gotten too much craps from most GP that I visited when the children were small

Mommy dearie said...

Yup.. some ppl, even doctors, chose to be ignorant!

Yup.. no compromise!