Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's a worthwhile holiday?

The two-weeks school holidays is almost over! How time flies these days. Even the boys noticed it was too fast. Then I reminded them it must be the many many things they did over the holidays that filled up the time real fast.

Before I go on relating the school holidays activities, here's something worth sharing which I heard on the radio on my way to the tuition center an hour ago. It's really ironic when I was babbling to the boys about how they should have spent more time doing some school work this holidays, the radio was telling me on what the PARENTS should do with their kids during the holidays. DOINKKK.. one for me! So this is what the guest in the programme said (it's from one no-nonsense radio station with an expert speaking)..

" ..the school holidays is the time when the parents should get closer to the kids, understand them and develop/ strengthen their aqidah. Among other things that parents should do are:

1) Bring the kids to any majlis ilmu - so that time spent is worthwhile and beneficial

2) Strengthen their relationships (siratulrahim) with family and friends - so that they have sense of belonging and feel loved

3) Get them in touch with the nature - to get to know The Creator, to know His power and Greatness, and to appreciate and love the nature.

All these are part of what the westerners call practical parenting. This has been stressed over and over again in a parenting book (somehow added some islamic values by the speaker).. "

It was only a 3-minute talk.. and I was speechless (by then I had stopped babbling to the boys and I
noticed they grew quiet as well as though they were listening). Then I start recounting the past week event whether I had actually done all 3 above. And really.. I was doing OK, not that bad. I did not get to do No.1.. I actually did number 2 and 3. The sad thing, instead of bringing them to majlis ilmu, they watched movies with their cousins and stroll in the shopping mall with me. Oh well.. perhaps that could be counted as getting in touch with the nature eh?

Here's the real part on getting in touch with the nature:
-- at a famous beach in the east coast ...

And here's bonding with family..
-- with favorite cousin in our kampung...

So I guess.. this is one worthwhile holidays.. will try to fulfill all 3 next time. InsyaAllah.


cayoi said...

famous beach yg manalah agaknya tu...

Mommy dearie said...

mana lagi kat Kuantan tu... nok gi tempat lain takde tour guide! Kotor gila! Next time sure tak dtg dah!