Friday, June 19, 2009

This desperate housewife..

I rarely watch "The Desperate Housewives" because I don't see the drama in it... I thought it's rather dry. It's actually just another TV series.. Perhaps they like it because it's about the life, some desperate lives, of a bunch of glamorous housewives. Perhaps they like the sexy women in it.

I think the real desperate housewives are those who are desperate to finish the house chores in 24 hours a day, which is definitely not enough! They are also the ones who're cracking their heads on how to make their daily chores more efficiently, thus time and energy saving, hence more can be accomplished. Then also they are mostly desperate for some time-off, time for themselves when they can just sit back and relax, enjoy a cuppa with no outstanding work waiting and no yelling in their ears.

And there's also this housewife, yours truly, who's desperate for something more adrenalin "pumping".. rather than the routine housework and kids watching. I need something more challenging and with some immediate results. He he.. such ambitions..! No no... I don't need any affairs (God forbid!!!), I don't need any juicy gossips... Perhaps I need a real project.. like the project you have in the office with deadline and all. Then again that's me allright, getting excited about wanting to do things and what not but never get up and actually do it.. Then I'm stuck doing the routine work for the rest of my life. How horrifying! And I also am desperate for some cash to flow into my accounts as it scares me to see my bank statement not getting anywhere! Anybody needs any birthday cakes or cupcakes?

Oh dear... I'd better get off this screen now, my carrot cupcake desperately need some toppings!


3yearshousewife said...

Hehehe, you sounded like me. I saw lots of blogs in Msia where people just featured their cake and cuppies for orders. They also took the orders through the blog. Maybe you can do that too. That is another project certainly with datelines...

mamachupan said...

Toyah and also As.. To be a happily-stay-at home parents requires a certain personality. Working or used-to-be working women usually are so organized and goal oriented, they tend to think being with children and doing housework as not real goals. And since there is a never-ending nature to childcare and housework, you feel like you achieved nothing. BUt indeed you and As have achieved a lot. I cannot tell for Toyah since she hardly report but for you As, I think your children will always remember the three years they got to spend with their mother, well into their adulthood. Good luck everyone!

Mommy dearie said...

Intan and As,
I think masalah besar I ialah.. MALAS and lack of motivation. I pun tak tau why... dah dari azali kot.. hahaha! I do realise that taking care of the kids are real goals (well that's why quit my job kan!), it's just that you tend to see it as a responsibilities and then you don't see the immediate results..
then you think it's rather routine thus you need something more..
Then I complain a lot about life... help Dr Intan??

Mommy dearie said...

O yes about the blog and cuppies.. in the making.. tgh belajar lagi. Dah siap nanti i kasi link!