Friday, June 26, 2009

The H1N1 chaos

This morning my sister in law delivered a beautiful baby boy at a well known private hospital here. Eager as I was, I went to the hospital as early as 9 am. Somehow I was greeted by a group of masked hospital staff at the entrance asking me the purpose of my visit. When I told them that I was visiting they told me politely that I need to come back later at 11 during the visiting hour. They're limiting the number of visitors into the hospital due to the H1N1 spread. But as I was already here, I refused not to be let in. So what I did was went back to my car and read newspaper for 10 minutes. I went back to the entrance with very confident face and told them that I have doctor's appointment. They let me with a green sticker on my shirt. I got to see the baby happily. OK call me selfish, but I swear I did not have fever, body ache or flu. So I guess it's OK to cheat.

Apparently the H1N1 spread is raging the world with no warning. It is actually just another type of influenza but since it's something new, we don't have the immunity for it thus the rapid spread. Though it is not fatal, it killed quite many of those how has very low tolerance of antibody.

My nephew's school is one of the schools being infected by the virus as one of the students was infected after returning from a holiday in the USA. Two days ago when one of the classes (not the whole school) was given a one week home quarantine, almost the whole school went down. Parents of non-infected classes took their kids home as well. Well I guess they did the right thing, being proactive. But what some parents of the quarantined kids fail to do are monitoring their kids. You did not allow your kids to go to school in fear of being infected but you let them go out to play soccer with friends?? If you are being exposed at school, by mixing with other people elsewhere you are actually exposing them to the virus as well. So what's the use of being quarantined after all?

I read, watched, and heard quite a number of facts and figures about this virus and all were saying that we have to know what this virus is all about, we have to take preventive action, we have to be pro-active i.e cleanliness, limit travelling, and stay in the house if you are quarantined. It is our responsibilities towards ourselves and people around us. I pray that the virus will somehow die down. Or the medical experts will find the cure. And I pray none around me will be infected. Amin.

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