Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion statement

People say kids always give the most honest opionion and they don't lie. Having 4 chatterbox in my household definitely help a lot to get some insights of things. Well not everything, depending on the situation.
Not sure if it's because of they have grown up, or they are observant or they love to see nice things, but I often get commented upon with my dressings or the way I look from the kids. It ranges from - mom you look nice - that blouse/ tudung does not match - you look kinda big - the jeans is too tight on you - you should wear that (blouse, etc) more often - to all sorts of fashion advice. This is especially more abvious now that I am at home. One is because they see me most of the time and also because they are the only ones I have for opinions.
Last weekend we went to an event at the boys' school. Upon their request, I donned my baju kurung with matching tudung, and a handbag with matching shoes. No kidding, I seek their "approval" first of the entire outfit and get an OK. So after the event, I asked them.. "so you are happy I went to your school with Baju Kurung?" And I supposed everything was OK. And this is Irsyad's reply:
'Everything OK except for your make-up.' HUH? What make-up?
'I think you overdo it' WHATTTT? What do you mean. Too much make-up? I only had a very subtle lipstick, powder, a bit of eye-liner. My normal stuff.
'I think you should wear less make-up, like so and so (mentioning my sister and my niece)'.. Oh dear!! This so and so are also having very brief thing on their faces. I thought I do look like them as well. We sat down for about 15 mins just discussing this. I think what he wanted is for me to look the same as everybody else. But I do blend in with everything else. But I did say thank you at the end and told him that I'm gonna ask his opinion again in our next outing.. I value his opinion.
They may not have the sense of fashion yet, but I find their opinion very important, as important as the opinions of fashion consultant! So I shall heed to their advice. I'm sure they want to be proud having a "fashionable- not out of place" mom!

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3yearshousewife said...

It's tough always under scrutiny. So far I got away with it. Being here, jeans and top is nothing out of the ordinary. Wait until I get back to Msia with all that baju kurung...