Thursday, August 7, 2008

Word twister - "gossip monger"?

One of Syasya's teachers (let's call her Mrs A) simply loves to chat with parents. I avoided talking to her at one point beause of the wrong thing she said to another parent of whom I was very close to. And because of that this parent came apologising to me for something that both us did not do.. and luckily we had the same understanding and in no time we were good friends again.

Yesterday Mrs A did it again! She started chit chatting after taking Syasya out from my car. Asking me this and that. I (without any intention) told her that I had resigned and now serving my notice. And she went on asking me what I'm going to do after my "retirement" and giving me some suggestions and told me some other parents also quit their jobs and bla bla. She suggested that I open a branch of kindy, the same as the one she's teaching now (Syasya's school).. then I said "... yeah I thought about it but it's too much work handling kids, parents and such. Then you need to have some kind of qualifications .. and bla bla bla". I was sure my answer led to a negative answer rather than a "oh YES I would open one!".

This morning another teacher, Mrs B - a more quiet and reasonable teacher - greeted me with this .. "oh I heard you quit your job!".. then I said yes.. and she said again .. "so you are going to open a kindy?" At this point you should see my face.. my eyeballs popped out and jaws dropped!!!! But since this teacher is the nice one .. I quickly regained from my shock and tell her nicely.. "no laahh.. it was just a thought, I'm going to take a break first!

Geez! Some people just like to put a lot of juice to stories! This is first class gossipmonger! I sometimes thought of how words were twisted around and how you can misinterpret people. And this is a classic example of one. Either Mrs A didn't understand what I was saying, or simply she wanted to show off to her fellow colleuge that there's an opportunity around the corner and she got there first (well she told me that if I ever open the kindy she wanted to come and work for me!!!). Oh gosh, when I think about it now, it's kinda hilarious. But surely,

1) I will definitely not have a "nice" chit chat session with her again
2) I will better be careful of whatever I say to her if I ever talk to her again!!
3) I will not believe whatever she said about other parents too (this I learnt my lesson well!)

I bet there are many people like this out there. I just hope that I'd recognise one when I see them so that I can watch what I say!


Yusni MJ said...

This type of people is everywhere and it is one of the society sickness. With this type of people, we pretty much have to say as little as possible.

At least this one you know is a gossip monger. Some even worse when pretends to be a friend but at the back say bad things about you.

Mommy dearie said...

hahaha.. i agree!!