Thursday, August 14, 2008

View of life..

Have you ever thought of how much we take our life for granted? How much wealth and health we have as compared to the unfortunate ones? I shuddered to think of the sufferings of other people when I hear one and always be so so grateful to Allah for whatever that I have and don't have.

Last week I had a chat with the boys' religious school principle. Her husband had gout and I proposed to her to give her hubby some supplementary honey which has proven to cure gout. I have never had a real conversation with this lady before except just a passing how-are-you. Delivering the honey, I had a real, long conversation with her talking about many things and getting to know each other. She is one great courageous lady. She once had a tumor in her brain when was pregnant with her last child (now aged 11). She survived, the tumor gone. She has a very strong cancerous gene in her family. She even said that she has miraculously passed "the age".. means, she is 42 now and still alive. Most of her family members did not even reach 40. She also had 6 cousins who died in road accidents, and mostly she had to identify their body (because she's the "healthy" one in the family!). And all the time she was telling me this, she was being very cheerful about it. All the time praising Allah for what she has today. She is still undergoing treatment as of today for something that her doctor detected in her body recently. Another cancerous cell. She told me, in a happy voice, this morning that she has a heart check up next week, and another check up for breast and pelvic cancer!! She is running two branches of KAFA school, with highly qualified teachers and a nursery, Quran reading classed both at school and her home. She also councel and help any problematic individuals. Where does she have all the energy from? MasyaAllah!

I have read about people like this in magazines and newspapers, but I have never met one. I'm so glad I have met one now. She has really made me think a lot of life in general. It gives you the wider perspective of life. I'm sure people like this view life completely different.

I should not complain too much for whatever I have now, I should not stress about kids not doing well at school, played too much or even having messy room. I should be thankful for the wealth (no matter how much or less) and health that I have now.

I pray to Allah that she will live longer to continue the noble thing that she does for the community today and to be able to raise and see her boys (she has 4 boys, all in religious school) grown up. Ameen.

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Yusni MJ said...

Very inspiring and thanks for the reminder.

Amen and alhamdulillah.