Monday, August 11, 2008

Painted colors

I've got so many things to say but I don't know which one I should say first. I want to talk about my dull weekend, what I thought about the kids, what I thought about life cycle, what I thought about love stories, love songs, and interestingly first loves!

But I think I'll talk about the kids. My life is soooo revolved around them that talking about them would come more naturally than other topics.

Gone were the days when parents were the most respected people in one's life that disobeying them is almost the same as disobeying God.. (now I said, almost). These days, it's like your kids are your parents if you don't play the cards right. They are so demanding that you might fall into their trap of giving in to all their demands. I think I'm in between giving in and setting the rules right. I can be very strict at one moment and yet giving in to their demands in the very next minute. All the parenting tips I read tell me that I have to be consistent in whatever I do while bringing up the kids. If I said no the first time of their demand, I should say no also to their next one, but hey.. I am the most normal human in the world. I do give in once in a while. So I think this had made them think that.. Hey, Mom is the coolest.. she would let me do it, if not now later! They read me well, and hey, I read them well too. Interestingly, when I did not give in, they had to follow and they adapt quite well. That's what they say about children come to this world as a white cloth, we, the parents paint them. So it really up to us to paint the white cloth, whatever color we paint on them, that's what they will become.

Up to this moment, I don't think I'm painting the color that I want them to be. The older they get, the more difficult it gets. And at some point I thought I've put the wrong color altogether. And how can I repaint them back. Is it too late? It is me who has to change, it is me who has to know what color or even what brush should I use!

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Yusni MJ said...

You did the best to paint them to the best of your ability. But they have to complete the picture.

As long as you did the best that you could and to the best of the children, you can never go wrong.

The children have to grow up and learn as part of the becoming a grown up later.

I think as parents we paint them to the beautiful color that we know of, but the children are the one who shall complete the picture when they grown up.

The choices will be up to them. So much we can do to guide them through the choices. But it will still got to be their decision at some point of time because it's their life.

That's what I would like to add.