Monday, October 5, 2009

Ramadhan ... that was...

Syawal is already halfway through. And here I am writing about Ramadhan. Am I in a different time zone or something? It was one great, meaningful, hopefully berkat but way way tiring Ramadhan.

I was OK on the first week of Ramadhan. It was the school holidays, the kids were fasting and they did it well. Even Syasya surprised me by fasting full for the first two weeks. She did it so well that it scared me. No whining, no crying but full of energy. Even the boys whined once in a while. Oh before I forgot.. this was the first Ramadhan in four years that hubby was around. So it sure was different. We got to go for Terawih prayers, I mean all of us. Usually it was just the boys who went, I always have a baby to care for. Now that the "baby" is three years old, old enough to follow instruction while we perform our prayers. Omar had a great time in the surau. He always had other kids to play with without actually disturbing the jemaah.

The second week onwards was rather hectic, maid was off to her hometown until the second week of raya. I had the whole housework and kids all to myself to care for. This is a real challenge. The housework was never ending. What made it worse was the fact that I had to face it 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. Had I work I a 9-5 job, I'd have a break from facing it 24hrs a day.. but no. There was no break to it. Even when you go to sleep you know there's something to be done just before you sleep and the minute you get up. Not to mention the backlog of work that awaits you once you missed it. Call me whatever, nope I don't think I can live with the housework without any help. I value the time with my children more. I realised I spent less time with them but more in the kitchen and with the laundry. The good thing though, I know now how hard my maid works, how committed she is and how efficient she is. I also know now you can train the kids to do housework and they loved it. You have to train them!

It was really one great Ramadhan. Made me realise a lot of things. Taught me lots of patience and gratitude. Did not manage to bake lotsa cookies, did not manage to finish the Quran as I planned to but taught me a great deal another side of me, another side of what life as a full time mother and house "manager" is all about. Perhaps this will prepare me for what's more to come.

Now Syawal is already half way through and my maid is back for another year. I thank Allah for all the things that I went through Ramadhan. I thank Him for gving us the strength and patience especially for the kids who went through Ramadhan without much difficulties (the two boys completed the whole month and Syasya completed almost 3 weeks). And mostly I thank Him for being here again this Ramadhan. InsyaAllah next Ramadhan will be a better one.

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