Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pesu and her brood

I can't quite recall when it started but we seemed to adopt stray cats and have been feeding at least one cat ever since. There's always at least one cat staying at the house at any one time. But I never allow more than one anyway. The first one they name Simba. After Simba "went away" - well they always come and go - there a few more which the kids would name whatever they want and change it whenever they feel like. There's Nemo, Jamaluddin (?? yeah.. weird), Pesu, Ronaldo, Minnie, Nicky... and the list goes on.

And yes they also have given birth at least twice (at my house). If you watch closely, cats have rather weird way of caring for their young ones (or is it the same for all animals?).. They give birth to at least four kittens but perhaps only one or two survive. I am not sure where the rest went to because it will dissapear one by one and it happened at night!

The current mother cat that we have now (Pesu) was the only one kitten survived of five siblings born in the vase just outside my dining last year. Her mother conveniently dissapeard after Pesu no longer being breastfed. And last week Pesu gave birth to five kittens, the most colorful batch I've ever seen. She's only neyea rold .. mind u! And guess who's the father to these kittens? Pesu's dad! No kidding! I saw them "together"! Euhhh... no I saw the dad "seducing" the daughther. Tried to shoo him away but I guess they did it while we were away. Pesu stayed in our driveway most of the time and would leap up whenever anybody opens the main door. So we would know who she hang out with.

Considering that she's a first time mom, Pesu is rather strong. I did not hear her meowing the whole nite long during labor (unlike her mom who meowed the whole day and circling around the house to look for a "labor room"!). Pesu was quiet only a bit "unsettled". She gave birth at the corner of our porch in the heavy rain in the afternoon. I really didn't hear anything then. I was in the house the whole time. Not that I would have helped even if I knew what was happening. I'm one of those who would not look at newborn kittens... yucks.. geli! So I did not look until a few days later. My maid was the one who had to transfer them into the cage and they stayed there for a few days. Food and milk was served just outside the cage. How pampered huh!

Now a week has passed. Here comes the weird thing. Every morning, Pesu would take out all her kittens from the cage and put them under the bench of my porch. Of course she use her mouth to carry them one by one (this is really gross! it's like she's gonna eat it). And now she's bringing the kittens one by one around the house. Not sure for what! My maid thinks she's showing off her kittens around. Well I think she wanted to give them away! I managed to stop her once or twice. But just a few minutes ago, I checked, one kitten already missing. Either she has sent it away, or it has been eaten by the dad... yes it happened!

That's the story of Pesu. I'm not one who's passionate about animals but since it happened under my nose and in my property, I have to care. Hope things will turn out well for Pesu and her brood!

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