Friday, October 23, 2009

October bash

It has been a busy month, yet interesting. We celebrated another two birthdays which marked the end of "birthdays" for the year. Oh, I had mine in September but it was nothing grand except a hushed surprised party (but I guessed anyway!) by my nieces and nephews. The two October babies, Eussuv and Syasya, on the other hand, had a very simple but great birthday get together at home. Syasya even had another one at school as it is the school monthly birthday party. Since she's the only October baby, it looked as though it was her party. As expected, I bake the cakes... so we can have as many cakes anyone wanted!I shall say no more as the pictures will tell all!

Eussuv is 9! Chocolate Banana cake. Notice the "sengetness" of the cake. Duhh... talk about being proud of baking your own cake! ha ha..

And Syasya is 6. Chocolate Moist cake. Again.. didn't know you must have a very soft hand to twirl the cream around the cake. Despite the sengetness, Syasya thought it was the most beautiful cake! Thank you dear..

Clapping away.. for the years to come..

With the guests... best cousins.

Celebration at school. Another well"crooked" cake. I will not zoom on it cos this one is worse due to some "technical" error on the cream (excuses excuses!). Yet she still thought it's another most beautiful cake in the world!

I like this one the best. Some cupcakes to go around the cake.

No matter how crooked the cakes were, I still felt good. Perhaps, it's a sign that I need to go for a real deco class. Hopefully, for next year's birthdays... and other ocassions.. I shall fare better.


3yearshousewife said...

Hey, ok sangat cake U. Dari beli kat kedai mahal2, kek buat sendiri gives lots of self satisfaction. Despite it being slanting, the children will be proud to claim 'My mom made these!. That's another reason to bake another cake, don't you think?

Mommy dearie said...

Thanks. Yup, me going for a baking class this weekend.. and a deco class next month. Must take life seriously.. haha!

Amalina said...

waaah!! tahniah tahniah! byk improvement.. dari kek togel2.. skang dah ada baju kaler2... siap ada edible image lagi.. good.. good... like it...!