Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life choices

I had two encounters with women of two different world yesterday. It kinda made me think there must be million of women's priorities in this world. We have to go out from our own world to have a counter check of what our life is all about especially when you are feeling lacking of something in your life. Looking at others may help you be more appreciative and thankful of what you have. Let's name these two Lady A and Lady B.

Lady A is a working woman whom I would say a career woman who's very passionate about her job. But hearing her story of her working world scared me.
She works in a legal world where she had to meet clients for legal paperworks at the client's convenient time and place. She has appointments at nights and weekends. She's married with two little kids. She only saw her kids for a few hours in a week. The rest of the time her kids stay with the maid. In my two hour encounter, I gathered she's very proud of this "busyness" of her life. In fact she said she once tried not working and only lasted for two months due to "boredom" staying at home.

I met Lady B right after Lady A near my house. She's a new neighbor. A very friendly lady who calls me "kakak" - I swear the minute I saw her I thought she's older than me.. haha! Anyways, in less than an hour I learnt that she's a housewife with no kids. I asked if she has any business, she said no. And I asked if she's going back to work, she said she prefers taking care of her house. Oh and she has a beautiful house with 6 rooms.. (hear.. 6 rooms and no kids!). I would say she's a lady of leisure! She travels frequently as her husband travels for his work.

After meeting the two ladies, it really made me ponder. Definitely I don't want to be Lady A, working very hard, perhaps with lotsa money yet so little time with her kids. I also don't want to be Lady B who travels the world, has beautiful big house and no doubt cash rich... but no kids. And here I am complaining everything about my life, no job, no money... but Allah has trusted me with 4 children to care for and now I have made the choice to "work for" them. No I'm trying to say those working moms are bad, nor those non-moms are unfortunate, I'm just trying to remind myself over and again of the choice that I've made. I have to be thankful of what and where I am now. I shall stop complaining, I shall stop comparing myself with those high-flying and jet-setting moms. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunities. And thank you for the encounters that has made me realised the gift that you have given me. Amin.


mamachupan said...

You definitely are much more fortunate than many many women out there.. Just focus on what you have and enjoy every little bit of it..

Mommy dearie said...

Tq Tan....
Bab focus tu aku ada masalah agaknya!