Friday, December 26, 2008

Top of the world

I'm now officially a stay-at-home mom. This morning I walked my last steps out of the office. Said good-byes to whoever in the office (very few of them since they are mostly on leave), took the last few of my belongings and returned my laptop. Trying to paint the last moments in my head with good final pictures. A bit sad to leave the familiar faces, to face a new beginning.

But as I made my exit, I felt relieved, free, happy.. and a little bit nervous. But the sense of freedom buried my nervousness.

Went to a malll nearby the office to get something with a smile on my face and light shoulder. Had lunch with the kids at home. Just had my afternoon nap with my baby (well .. still a baby at 2.5 years old) and will bring him out for a walk after this. What a nice afternoon to start with.

I'm feeling on top of the world!


cayoi said...

tak nak komen apa2 tapi...nak bagi tau aku jealous tahap tertinggi!!!!

mamachupan said...

Congratulation S-At-H-Mummy! In my study, I found stay at home mothers are relatively happy with themselves and people around them. All the best my friend!

Mommy dearie said...

Thank you friends. i sure do hope so.. it's too early to tell now. Hope my feelings will not change..