Monday, December 22, 2008

THE day is coming!

The time is coming nearer. Too near. I'm busy packing my things, backing up personal files, contacting the ever efficient HR for some last minute clearence, attending farewell lunches and of course thinking and thinking of what it would be like. I'm getting all the questions from friends and colleuges of my plans after THE day. Questions that I myself not sure how to answer. I've got things in my mind but very lack of confidence on whether it will work. I really am not focused!

One minute, I'm all for it.. feel so sure that it would work, the next minute I feel so scared. What if the worst happened?

Take a deep breathe.. focus.. take one thing at a time. This is the time I should study again all the tips and guides I received in my mailbox and take action.

Breathe in.. breathe out...!

1 comment:

cayoi said...

err..farewell lunches tu bestkan...seriously, i know u'll be okay. mesti ok punyalah sbb i know all my good friends, a survivor tak kra dlm apa jua situation pun..hehe