Monday, December 29, 2008

My Hijrah

"Hijrah" means migrate. Maal Hijrah is the new year in Islamic calendar. 29th December 2008 is the first day of the Hijriah year 1430 or 1st of Muharram (the first month of the Islamic year). I will not go deeper into the history in fear of misleading or wrong facts. But Hijrah usually mean migrating from one phase of life to another.. well.. kindof if you read the actual meaning from the history. So let's take it from there. It's a new year, a new beginning.

Apparently, this year is definitely a GREAT hijrah for me. It is a great sacrifice on my part to let go what has been with me for the past 15 years. And a great change of life routine altogether. I myself couldn't believe it! But it is real and it's already happening. And to face these changes, I have to make a lot of changes in:-
1) the way I think
2) the way I do things
3) the way I spend my time, money, energy
4) the way I dress... oh yeah.. I fear for this one as I tend to get really sloppy and sluggish if I'm not dressed for office (this is very wrong.. and worrying!)

I've made some researches and get my mental ready for the changes. But being me, not a very well-planned person.. even with all the info I have, it kinda get stuck in my head just for a while. The tendency to just pass by it is just enormous!

So, to actually overcome this, perhaps I need to list down all the things that I need to do, big goals, small goals, deadlines and all the works. I have it all in my head but when it comes to writing it down.. and actually doing it.. it may take ages. That's me allright!

Perhaps.. I should start now. OK. Goal number one : List down all my goals and target by end of this week. Too ambitious? We'll see.

And now.. my hijrah begins ..

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Yusni MJ said...


It's not just you, is most people me no exception in terms of taking our ideas one step further and be consistent with the plan. It's a struggle but it's what I think part of life is all about.

The drive to be better but there are times when we just dont feel like we are up to it. Just let it be for a day, then pick up where we left and move one. It will be the cycle of life of ups and downs but one thing for certain we will keep on moving forward.

Happy New Year and enjoy your new found freedom. Salam Maal Hijrah.