Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas memories

I don't celebrate Christmas as I am a Muslim but we always have special feast on this day simply because it is a public holiday, at my place or any other relative's house. Furthermore, it'll be too packed everywhere you go! I also hold this day as special as it is the day that we moved into our own house 6 years ago. I also looked forward to this day as I would get re-acquainted with those long lost friends who celebrate Christmas. I have many many happy memories of Christmas that I will not bore you with but will keep close it to my heart. I've had cold white Christmas, rainy Christmas as well very hot ones.

This year we had roast chicken, ratatouille (spell? it's a type of salad), shepherd's pie, as well as custard pudding and bubur kacang for dessert. The kids had fun at the pool. It was really great! It was held at my niece's apartment. Last year we had it at my sister's place. Perhaps next year I could have a bbq at my place!

The boys had their own first Christmas party at our porch on our wooden swing two days after Xmas. A boy named Remy whom they just befriended at the early school holidays brought "the party" to our home. He had two bottles of soda (complete with plastic cups!) and a container of Christmas cookies to be shared with his friends. This, I thought is SO sweet. Well, he could have invited his friends over to his house but instead he carried all those to his friend's house. My kids were very excited about it. We then took out some fried chicken (leftover from lunch) and some freshly homemade steamed chocolate cake. There are 6 8-10 year old boys.. and they finished up everything! I made sure the boys said thank you to Remy and I personally thanked him and wished him and his family Merry Xmas.
I sure hoped my boys learned the spirits of muhibbah!

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