Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unleash and conquer your potentials

I had the chance to go to a seminar of the above title over the weekend. It was a half day seminar of which I only paid RM20, 60% off the usual rate (later I found out that some people had it for free!). This seminar is so called the talk of the town with the people who supposedly "looking for a change" in their lives and who is determined to change. Then again, as I already predicted, this is only a preview seminar... you have to pay quite a bomb to go the more advanced class which is supposedly change your life to be "wealthy and successful". The main person behind this seminar is once a failure who wanted to "share" his success formula with the rest of Malaysian so that "everybody in Malaysia" becomes wealthy and thus, successful.

It was a very interactive seminar where it started with an energetic 'chicken dance' where everybody had to go with it, jumping and clapping in a very packed room with more than 500 participants, no kidding! Every question must be answered with a very loud yes and or clap or positive phrases like 'wealthy and successful'. And questions popped every 5 mins or so. The speaker, the success guru I would call him, seemed to be worshiped by the whole room. He's like the God of success who determines our success in life, who will make us rich. And the room roared with "rich" energy as he went on and on talking about how successful he is with a few Porsche, a bungalow with a swimming pool, lepak session with the celebrities and yada yada.. He even made fun of many "not so successful" people who's leading a regular life with regular income as compared to him who's making.. err maybe "not so much" but about a few millions a month.. as he put it. Maybe it's his way to make people feel challenged so that you get up and change your life! I don't know.

The main point presented in the seminar was The Power of Success. He talked about 6 powers of success which are:
- Power of Gratitude 
- Power of Giving
- Power of Action
- Power of Dreams
- Power of Focus
- Power of Character

These are all relevant factors of achieving what you want in life. I did learn something from it and did make some thinking of where my life is leading and what action should I take. But did I run to the stage to register myself to the advanced class to get some discount for being the first 30 to register? NO. Did I send the registration form as he suggested, in case I decide to join later? NO. Did I actually think that he can make me wealthy and successful.NO. 

I will not make someone who thinks so highly of himself, as high as God as my mentor. I will not make someone my mentor who belittles those who drives a Proton just because he drives a Porsche. I will not make someone as a mentor when he is so sure that he can change someone's life with a money back guarantee. He IS NOT God! And I will not make someone a mentor when he equates being successful in life to the millions he has in the bank!

Good luck to those who paid a bomb to change your life, while you can change your life at no cost but with lots of determination. And you can really find a mentor who's still stepping on the earth not floating on the air!

PS: This is purely my holy own opinion. Others may think otherwise and totally agree and follow his teachings.

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