Thursday, January 5, 2012

Of hopes and prayers ..2012

I finally have my quiet moment on the 5th day of the year. I feel like I have so much to scribble here, to pour out my head content, at the same time trying to catch Oprah's Best Viewer's Surprises on telly. The kids are all in school and I have less half hour before I move on to my next chore, cooking! 

I am just amazed at how time flies. I am already in my 4th year of 'retirement'...It has been 3 full years, 3 blissful, challenging year. Challenging in trying to find out who I really am, challenging in trying to fit in the new life of not earning any $ myself and most challenging to be real fulltime mother (and I am still struggling!) But it's always a bliss not having to think about office, bosses, meetings and deadlines. Purely a bliss! Having said all this, I am not sure I will still have the haven this year. The financial challenge has taken a toll on me that I might give up my quiet moments soon. Still this is only a plan that's not being finalised. Perhaps. That's my hope and prayers for the year - I have to do something to fill in the gap in the financial area. When you are used to have something you don't know it's there, but when it's not there, you immediately feel it. You thought it's gonna pass, you pray that it will, but over time you know that things do not simply come falling from the sky, you just have to get up and do something to achieve what you desire. So that's one of my biggest hope and prayer for 2012, to be financially able again. I'm already planning.

For the kids, I have my hopes too. I pray and hope for Irsyad to be a better person. He is known to be one smile-less person and not easy to communicate with, especially with his friends. He needs to smile more, and be friendly and be an easy-going person. I already told him this and will follow up on his progress. For Eussuv, I need him to be more focused and confident that he can do it. He thinks that he's not smart enough to be able to follow Abang's footsteps in studies. I'm pretty sure he has the capability, he just need to be confident. For Aisyah, I hope she will grow up gracefully, be mom and dad's big girl, not a baby. Being the only girl, she tends to be a bit manja. The same goes to Omar as well. I know he's still a little boy, not even 6. But I hope he will not be as manja as he is now. And I need to prepare him for school this year. 

Above all this, I pray that everybody will be healthy this year, especially me and hubby. I am a bit worried where health is concerned because illness can just pop out anytime if we are not cautious of our lifestyle. 

I pray and hope, we will have a better year this year. Perhaps I should chart out some sort of planning for the year. Something that I never do before! This entry will be a starting point perhaps! (And I hope I can blog more too!)

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