Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kids this age

We were watching TV and the ad on Courts Mammoth were aired. And this is what Eussuv said :

Eussuv : "Mom, my friend said Courts Mammoth is where orang kampung and orang tak kaya shops"
Mom: "Huh??" (in disbelief)
Eussuv: "Really mom. My friend said that!"
Mom: "How does he know?"
Eussuv: "I don't know. But I think so too."
Mom: "Why do you think so?"
Eussuv: "Because it's cheap. And my friend said rich people go shopping at IKEA.."

I further asked him what made his friend brought up the Courts Mammoth talk, and he said "oh we were just talking!" Earlier of the day as I was talking about handbags, Eussuv asked me if a Coach handbag is expensive. Again I asked him how does he know about Coach handbag (since I don't own one obviously!), he said his TEACHER has one. A teacher owns a Coach handbag..WOW! And he also asked if a GUESS handbag is also expensive. OH boy!

The moral of the story is, an 11 year old boy these days is already thinking about the value of things, know of judging people from where they shop, what they wear and so on. I was taken aback with all these as I always tell my kids not to judge people from what they wear, the car their fathers drive, the toys and gadgets they have. But I guess I really can't protect from talking from their friends and get influenced by them. What I can do is instill the good values in them and hope that it gets to them and stay within them. I have started and I will not stop. I hope they will turn out to be "good" individuals", not judgmental ones!


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mommy dearie... nak tak buat part time job???