Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another day

How times fly! I thought I would be a bit relaxed after THE exam (UPSR) but I was so wrong. I was so damn busy! I didn't have t the time to write (nor the mood!). There were too many school activities, parties, games, trips. And not to mention final exams for other kids. My time was spent cooking and transporting kids here and there. The cooking part is somewhat ridiculous... parties are every week thus I have to do extra cooking.. pasta la, muffin la, cake la.. Then there's October birthday party for Eussuv and Syasya. Though only close friends were invited, it was still a party and I still had to cook. But being me, not so rajin one, I only had something simple for the kids and, catered something else for adults. It was a very small party but it was a great one.

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day .. UPSR results will be out. And the day after is PSRA results. I reminded Irsyad (and myself as well) over and over again that we have to accept whatever results that he gets. He has tried hard, we all have. And the rest is in His hands. Who are we to question Him. We will have to brace tomorrow with open hearts.
Right after the results, they will head off to Melaka for a school trip. Something they have planned for months and coincidentally  the results are out on the same day. Since bookings have been made, they decided to go ahead with it. I for one don't really agree with this because I need him to be around to "digest" whatever results he may get, with me. Not far away with some friends. It's bad enough that now that he spends too much time with friends "online"!

As for now, I shall keep myself busy for another class party this afternoon and worry about tomorrow .. tomorrow itself!

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