Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's finally here..

The most awaited moment is finally here. Irsyad is sitting for his Math UPSR paper at this very moment. Or maybe he's just done with it. We waited for this moment for so long with a lot of hardship and struggle and not forgetting some sacrifice. And I couldn't believe it's finally here. He's apparently very nervous since yesterday morning on the first day. I thought he would be cool.. I was wrong. He had nervous cough and stomach pain early morning. This rarely happened on normal days. He braced through his BM paper with a few doubts afterwards. Came back and asked me, "Mom, what is tepak sirih?" Oh dearrrr! He answered "seikat" tepak sirih and "sebatang" kacip!!!! I don't blame him for not knowing.. he's never even seen tepak sirih. He thought it was just sirih.. so it's seikat!

At the eleventh hour last night he started asking me basic questions of Math. Like formula of profit. Ouhhhh... I feel like calling his tuition teacher and ask him.. what's going on here?? He's nervous alrite! Tomorrow will be a longgg day with English paper 1 and 2, and Science. To wrap it up they will also have aptitude test. A test that nobody knows what it's all about... and the teachers never bother to tell them what is it all about and for what. Typical of Malaysian education system. 

After all his efforts, I just hope he'll do well. But like I told him many many times, "just do your best, I will accept whatever results you bring home. I know you've worked hard. I still love you anyway!"

There are over 490,000 candidates sitting for UPSR this year.. and I thought whoaaaa.. that many?? Really? So imagine if you want to put them into boarding school, imagine the fight.I will start thinking of secondary school nearer to the time. Next week will another exam, PSRA, for his agama school. But first, we will balik kampung for raya this weekend. A delayed raya due to UPSR!

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