Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Jolly season is here

Nope, the jolly season is not necessarily Xmas. It's the school holidays! It is the 7 weeks of school holidays which will drain the blood out of me! Ok perhaps it's not that bad. It means no school uniform hand-washing and ironing, no trips to the schools, no homework and tuition, and no more school parties!! But there'll be a lot of trips to everywhere else like the malls, friends' houses, wherever they feel like going (if mom agrees of course!). For as long as I remember, all the holidays passed by without any of us noticed it. All of sudden it was just ended with us thinking, what did we do during the holidays? Just eat play sleep?

This year perhaps a bit different. The first week was over with lotsa fun with their cousins, swimming, going to malls (god knows what fun is the mall??), online games, etc, etc. The next two weeks, they have started their Tahfiz camp daily at 830 to 1130. Thus will keep them busy the whole two weeks as they have lots of surahs to memorise. Then I thought of sending Eussuv to a tuition class as he did quite badly in his finals in October. Not sure yet about this one. 

We are going fishing with some friends this weekend. Our first time ever. Hope it'll be fun. The kids are ecstatic about it. We shall see.

Other than that we have yet to plan for anything. No plan of going anywhere else. We are nervously waiting -and hoping- for any offer for Irsyad to go to a boarding school (oh boy! I forgot to mention or rather "announce" that he managed to score all As in his UPSR!). And I'm supposed to take him to a dentist for his braces.. as well an appointment to see ENT specialist for his sinus.. if necessary. And I'm supposed to clean up their rooms to prepare for next year's school terms. Where am I going to trash all their books??  Aaahhh... so much to do and so little time. So disorganised of me!

But for now.. I just want to sit back and sing.. oh it's a jolly good season.. it's a jolly good season.....!


mamachupan said...

Congratulation Irsyad.. Been meaning to call tapi sangat busy.. Will call and catch up soon..

Amal said...

Congrate to Irsyad.. tak sia2 kekelamkabutan mummy dia sblm nih... :)

Mine lagi best... 4 weeks... silih ganti kena chicken pox... ambik cuti nearly 3 weeks.. then post to kedah.. huwaa... cuti dah abis.. dah tak leh resign 24 hrs dah... erk.. ;P