Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ramadhan that's almost ending

I couldn't believe August is almost over not to mention Syawal is just another 10 days away. I didn't even get to wish Selamat Berpuasa to all my friends! Perhaps I should already be wishing everybody Selamat Hari Raya. This has been the most hectic Ramadhan ever! It's full with cooking plus the usual routine housework that never ends. I have to adjust my routine to suit the cooking timing. 

Then there's exams and exams. Couldn't understand why they have to schedule exams during Ramadhan. If we are truly an Islamic country, there should be no school in Ramadhan at all. Like we all don't know what kind of country we live in!!! OK back to exams, Irsyad will be sitting for his UPSR a week after raya. That would also mean, no raya this year. I (not Irsyad) will be too nervous to celebrate the Eid! Which this also means, we are not going back to my hometown this year. The good thing is, 3 other cousins of his, are also sitting for the exam. Thus none of my siblings are going back to our hometown. Instead we all decide to welcome Syawal here in KL. How boring huh! Even my siblings will be travelling here. A change of celebration for once. I hope things will go well and as planned!

There's so much to tell since July.. but I don't have the time nor the energy to write. Perhaps I will update later.

For now I wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays. Maaf Zahir Batin. Hope everybody have a safe raya!


3yearshousewife said...

Since my family are all in ok lah my raya in K.L.
Anyway, enjoy your raya in the most enjoyable way possible (with the exams in the background)

Amal said...

Selamat hari raya kak... Maaf zahir batin.. and thx for 'pinjamkan' telinga when i need it.. ;)